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6ft shipping containers

Our 6ft shipping containers have a storage capacity of 3.3cbm, and at a height of just under 1.5m making them the most versatile shipping container in our range. Although compact and unobtrusive, they still boast the durability and security of their larger siblings!

6ft Shipping Container for Sale

The 6ft container is our smallest container. It’s size is perfect for smaller sites, or building sites in between floors or when you just don’t require the capacity of a full shipping container. Ventilated and weather tight, they have a lockbox for added peace of mind – perfect to pair with an OZBOX shipping grade padlock for an extra layer of security! Constructed with steel frames, fully vertically corrugated steel side and end walls, die-stamped corrugated steel roof, corrugated double hinged doors. Added feature with fork- pockets at the door end

  • Made from extremely tough Corten Steel
  • Exterior x 3 coats of Paint. Interior 2 x coats of paint
  • Marine Plywood Floor
  • Lockbox – For added security
  • Vents x 4
  • Full door seals to ensure weather tightness and vermin proof
  • Forklift Pockets – For onsite moves
  • Easy Open Door
  • 3.3 cbm internal storage

Delivery Options: Hiab truck unless the customer has a forklift on site. It can then be delivered with a flat deck.


Length 1820mm, Width 1600mm, Height 1480mm

Inner Dimensions

Length 1669mm, Width 1512mm, Height 1301mm

Our Range

If this shipping container is not quite the right size for your requirements, we have lots of alternative sizes available for sale including 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft containers. Of course, if you are looking for something bigger, we also have 20ft and 40ft containers for hire and sale. Looking for alternative sizes? Check out all our shipping containers for sale or hire or quickly view the most popular sizes below. We also have speciality shipping containers available for sale and hire including High Cube, Reefer, Dangerous Goods, Office Containers and Hospitality Containers.

Frequently asked questions

What are 6ft containers used for?
Our 6ft shipping containers are the smallest of our containers but are proving popular for those that aren’t looking for a full shipping container but need something portable. Ventilated and weather-tight, these can also be a great option for adding storage around the home.
Should I buy a 6ft, 7ft, 8ft or a 9ft container?
It really depends on how much you have to store and the length of what you are storing. We would suggest measuring what your largest items are to ensure they fit inside our smallest 6ft container. There is quite a difference in price between the different size containers so if everything looks like it will fit into a smaller container then it’s definitely the better value-for-money choice.
Do you sell second hand 6ft containers?
At this stage, we do not sell second-hand 6ft containers. The reason is because 6ft containers are still a very new design and no second-hand market has yet developed in NZ. We envisage having some ex-hire stock to sell by mid to late 2023.
Can we arrange our own transport?
Yes, you can if you are buying your container. If you are hiring, we prefer to arrange transport so we know where the container is placed.  If the transport is arranged by the customer for hire, we would usually charge a bond. Please remember we do deal with a lot of transport companies and in most cases would be able to offer the best possible transport rate. Chains are also required to transport an 8ft shipping container!

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