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40ft shipping containers

We have a great range of 40ft shipping containers for hire, the largest type available in Victoria. Traditionally, 40ft containers have been an extremely cost-effective option for the transport of large quantities of goods. In recent years, they’ve also increasingly become an appealing storage solution for homeowners, farmers and businesses housing everything from furniture and household items to cars, farming vehicles, documents and office equipment.

40ft Shipping Container for Hire

This 40ft shipping container is designed and constructed for the transportation of general cargo at sea and on land (road or rail) throughout the world and will be suitable for the environmental conditions imposed by those modes of transport. All materials used in the construction are able to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40C to +70C without effect on container’s strength and water tightness.

  • Constructed with steel frames, fully vertically corrugated steel side and end walls, die-stamped corrugated steel roof, wooden or bamboo flooring, corrugated double hinged doors
  • Made from extremely tough Corten Steel
  • Exterior x 3 coats of Paint. Interior 2 x coats of paint
  • Marine Plywood Floor or Bamboo Floor with a Polyurethane Finish
  • Lockbox -For added security (only on new)
  • Full door seals to ensure weather tightness and vermin proof.
  • Forklift Pockets -For onsite moves
  • Easy Open Door or Double Locking Gear

Delivery Options: Tilt Tray Truck, Side loader Truck, Hiab or Crane Truck..

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Length 12200mm, Width 2438mm, Height 2591mm

Inner Dimensions

Length 12035mm, Width 2352mm, Height 2393mm

Frequently asked questions

What are 40ft containers used for?

40ft containers are often the preferred choice for the transportation of large quantities of lightweight goods. It’s a more cost-effective and practical choice than otherwise requiring two 20ft containers. For heavier items and equipment, a 20ft container would be more suitable as the payload is greater when compared to a 40ft container.

Are 40ft containers that common?

40ft containers are extremely common and combined with 20ft containers make up over 80% of the total number of containers in the world. As previously mentioned, it’s an ideal transportation and storage solution choice for large quantities of typically consumable goods.

Can 40ft containers be modified?

Yes, 40ft containers can be modified like 10ft and 20ft containers. Because of their size, they are quite often used in architectural projects like container offices, retail parks and container homes. It offers a great amount of space giving you great flexibility of creativity.

Should I hire a 40ft standard height or high cube and what is the difference?

It really comes down to what you are storing and if you actually need the extra headroom? High cubes have an extra 300mm which across the span of a 40ft adds a considerable amount of volume. Standard height containers, however, are always cheaper and are more likely to have special offers. If you are looking to save a few dollars and the extra volume is neither here nor there then standard height is the better choice.

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