5 lesser-known types of shipping containers and their common uses

March 7, 2022

Are you in the market for a shipping container, but not sure where to start, or what model you might need?

Shipping containers are used for a variety of purposes, some of which may not be as well-known as others. Because they’re highly versatile, a shipping container can provide the perfect solution for your transport or storage needs.

Choosing the right shipping container is important, as everyone has differing requirements. If a standard container is not quite what you need, there are several different types of container that might be more suitable.

Read on to learn about five of the lesser-known types of shipping containers and their common uses.


1.  Flat rack container


A flat rack container is the strongest container available, constructed with steel framing and wooden floorboards.

These durable containers are commonly used to transport heavy and oversized items, such as machinery, vehicles, farm equipment, and raw steel. OZBOX offers flat rack containers in the following four different types:

  • Flush Folding Ends. The ends can either be up or down, or they can fold into the deck, which can then be used as a base.
  • Folding Ends. The ends can come down to minimise space and reduce transportation costs.
  • Fixed Ends. The ends are permanently fixed in an upright position.
  • Bases. There are no ends attached.

Each different type of flat rack shipping container caters for various types of goods to be transported or stored as necessary. Get in touch with the team at OZBOX to see what type suits your needs.


2.  Insulated shipping container


Insulated containers are inoperative reefer containers that have maintained their heavy-duty insulation. They are durable, weathertight and perfect for transporting or storing goods that need to be maintained at a regular temperature.

The quality insulation on these shipping containers makes them perfect for transporting goods that need stable ambient temperatures, such as medical supplies and food.

OZBOX insulated shipping containers can maintain a consistent temperature, compared with uninsulated containers, which may be affected by extreme weather conditions during transport.

Their heavy-duty insulation means these containers are also commonly used for personal use, for example, as a home office, workshop, or sleepout.


3.  Open top container


Perfect for transporting oversized goods, an open top container can accommodate a variety of tall items that are unable to fit through the standard-sized doors of a shipping container.

Open top containers can be loaded from the top, then covered with a wind and weathertight tarpaulin to keep the goods inside safe. The front or side doors can still be used if necessary, but the appeal of open top containers is that they can be top loaded with ease.

Available in both 20ft and 40ft sizes, open top shipping containers provide the ideal solution for storing or transporting large items that can’t fit through regular-sized container doors.


4.  Bulkie shipping container


Bulk containers are designed to carry bulky cargo that is not suitable for standard shipping containers. Typically, they are used in agriculture businesses to transport large machinery or farming equipment.

A bulkie shipping container is built for transport both at sea and on land. OZBOX 20ft high cube bulk containers, for example, are extremely durable and made with steel frames, a marine plywood or steel floor, and strengthened roof panels. These containers are fully weathertight and can withstand extreme temperatures.


5.  Pallet Wide container


A pallet wide container is a special type of shipping container that is designed to maximise space and hold a high number of pallets. With a slightly wider size, the 20ft pallet wide container can hold 10 pallets, while the 40ft pallet wide container can hold up to 21 pallets.

Although they are mostly used for transporting the same types of items as a standard container, the configuration of pallet wide containers allows more stock to be packed in, resulting in a more efficient use of the container space. This type of container is perfect for customers who need a bit more space to load large volumes of goods.

There are many different options of shipping containers to choose from, with accessories available to customise your container to suit your specific requirements.


How OZBOX can help with the purchase or hire of containers


OZBOX has an excellent range of containers for both sale and hire, including the lesser-known varieties mentioned above. Whether you want to buy or hire a container, get in touch with the OZBOX team today to find out more.

If you’d like to find out about the different types of shipping container available, or you want to hire or buy one, get in touch with the team at OZBOX today.


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