Reefer containers: Your cold storage solution

March 21, 2022

All you need to know about this versatile temperature-controlled storage option


Are you looking for a solution for storing or transporting goods that are vulnerable to temperature changes? Whether you’re dealing with food, beverages, or medical supplies, a reefer container is the ideal solution.

‘Reefer container’ is the industry term for ‘refrigerated container’ – a heavily insulated container typically used for the transport or storage of perishable items. A chilled container offers a convenient storage or transport solution for many different purposes.

Reefer containers are commonly used throughout the world to ship temperature-sensitive items. Another common use for these handy chilled containers is as extra storage for large events or festivals.

OZBOX has reefer containers for hire and for sale. To give you a better idea of what OZBOX’s popular reefer containers have to offer, here are a few commonly asked questions.


1.  How do reefer containers stay cold?


A reefer container acts just like any refrigerator. Built into the floor of the shipping container is a refrigeration unit that circulates chilled air throughout the container, preserving the perfect temperature for your chosen goods.

Each reefer container is fully insulated to ensure the temperature remains constant. Depending on the model, the temperature on a reefer container can be set and maintained from as low as -40 °C, up to around +35 °C.

Maintaining a consistent temperature is crucial when storing or transporting perishable goods, so choosing to use a quality reefer container is recommended. OZBOX’s reefer container specifications allow them to be used safely for the long-term storage or international transportation of meat, fruit, vegetables, medical supplies and even flowers!


2.  What is a reefer container made from?


The inner surfaces of OZBOX containers are made from stainless steel and aluminium, making them both easy to clean and high quality. Both the 20ft and 40ft chilled containers are durable and built to withstand International travel, making them the ideal option for a variety of uses.

OZBOX reefer containers are built to high specifications, ensuring they are suitable for transport at sea and on land. In order for the containers to withstand extreme temperatures associated with these modes of transport, high-quality materials are used in their construction.

All reefer containers are 100% watertight and vermin-proof so that your items can be stored or transported with complete protection.


3.  What size do reefer containers come in?


The reefer containers are available in two different sizes, catering to all different needs. Each size is suitable for both storage and transportation.

The 20ft Reefer Container offers approximately 27m³ of temperature-controlled space, while the 40ft High Cube Reefer Container offers around 76m³.

OZBOX 20ft reefer containers are powered single-phase, while the 40ft containers offer single-phase or 3-phase power supply units.

The single-phase power supply (3 Pin PDL plug required) has a temperature range of +10°C to -20°C and offers a 50% power saving compared to the 3-phase. The 3-phase power supply (4 Pin PDL plug required) is more powerful than the single-phase and offers a temperature range of +25°C to -25°C.


4.  Can I modify the reefer container?


A range of useful accessories are available to purchase with your container, including shelving, ramps, workbenches, flooring and fans. Your container can be transformed to suit your specific needs.

The friendly team at OZBOX can provide a quote based on your specific needs including any necessary accessories, so get in touch to have a chat with one of the team today.


5.  Can I purchase or hire a reefer container?


OZBOX offers reefer containers for hire and for sale. Different hire periods are available, with competitive pricing. Get in touch to find out more.

One way to help you decide if buying or hiring a container is the best option for the long-term, is to start off hiring one. Shipping container hire costs from a company like OZBOX are affordable, so you can trial first-hand which option will be best, without significant capital outlay.

If you decide, like many other shipping container users, that hiring is much easier and affordable, you’re set to go. If not, you can simply return your 40ft or 20ft shipping container and buy one for permanent use.


6.  What are reefer containers used for?


As well as being used to transport and store perishable items for supermarkets and restaurants, reefer containers are often used to store beverages during festivals and events, or even by private homeowners for extra food or drink storage.

Other industries use reefer containers to expand their cold storage options. This includes factories or laboratories, which might have limited space inside their buildings.

Reefer containers are easily portable, making them a versatile option for all types of storage or transportation.


How OZBOX can help with purchase or hire of a reefer container


OZBOX has an excellent range of reefer containers for both sale and hire, including 20ft Reefer Containers and 40ft High Cube Reefer Containers. Whether you are looking to purchase or hire a reefer shipping container, get in touch with the team today to find out more.

If you’d like to find out about shipping container hire or buy, get in touch with the team at OZBOX today. 



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