What’s so special about a dangerous goods container?

April 28, 2022

At OZBOX, we have a huge range of shipping containers available for sale or hire, however, one of our shipping containers that is growing in popularity is the dangerous goods container.

Our dangerous goods containers come in two different sizes: 10ft and 20ft high cube and they are ideal for the storage or transportation of dangerous goods. They have been manufactured to specific standards and comply with strict health and safety standards, both here in Australia and overseas if you are considering transporting dangerous goods to another country.

What materials need to be stored in a dangerous goods shipping container?

The term ‘Dangerous Goods’ is used internationally to describe the goods covered by the UN Recommendations. These goods are divided into nine classes based on their hazardous properties:

  • Class 1 Explosives
  • Class 2 Gases
  • Class 3 Flammable Liquids
  • Class 4 Flammable Solids
  • Class 5 Oxidising Substances
  • Class 6 Toxic and Infectious Substances
  • Class 7 Radioactive Material
  • Class 8 Corrosives
  • Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances

It is unlikely that you will be storing or transporting many of these types of substances and the main ones that we typically see are gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, toxic and infectious substances, and corrosives.

These can include everyday items such as paints and thinners, LPG and petrol and pesticides and other harmful materials, all of which require a dangerous goods shipping container for transportation or storage in large quantities.

At OZBOX, our dangerous goods containers are designed and constructed for the domestic storage of Class 3 flammables and are purpose built for the storage of chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances.

What makes a dangerous good shipping container different?

In essence, a dangerous goods shipping container is constructed in a similar way to our other 10ft and 20ft containers with some additional safety features.

These features ensure that our dangerous goods shipping containers at OZBOX meet strict HSNO regulations for the safe transportation and storage of hazardous substances. HSNO regulates hazardous substances in all parts of the lifecycle, including transport. In most instances HSNO accepts compliance with the relevant transport rule as providing compliance with HSNO.

In order to meet these regulations, our dangerous goods containers in Australia have the following features:

  • Made from extremely tough Corten Steel
  • 3x discharge valves
  • 8x large vents for increased air flow
  • Built with metal grate floor
  • Internal emergency door release
  • End doors and whole side opening doors which easily open inside out

Another “safety” feature of our dangerous good shipping containers at OZBOX is the colour – bright yellow! This makes our dangerous goods containers easy to identify, alerting people to the fact that dangerous goods are being stored inside. We can paint these containers a different colour if required and this will come at an additional cost. All of our dangerous goods containers have three coats of paint for extra durability.

What size do dangerous goods containers come in?

At OZBOX, we have two sizes of dangerous goods containers: 10ft and 20ft high cube. We have found that these best meet the needs for the majority of our customers and the high cube model is one that gives customers more space as they are an extra foot taller than a standard shipping container making them 9’6” (2,895mm) in height.

Both our 10ft dangerous goods container and 20ft high cube have similar features as listed above. In addition, they both have forklift pockets for onsite moves. The 10ft container features standard end doors, whereas the 20ft dangerous goods container also features a whole side opening door for easy access, loading and unloading of goods.

Are dangerous goods shipping containers available to buy?

Both our 10ft and 20ft dangerous goods containers are available for purchase in Australia and we can arrange delivery on a tilt tray truck, side loader truck, Hiab or crane truck.

Can you hire a dangerous goods container for temporary use?

If you are looking to store a dangerous material on temporary basis, our dangerous goods containers are available for hire as well as for sale. Simply fill out our quote request form and we will get back to you with a quote for hiring one of our containers.

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